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Aleš Havlíček, Jana Konečná, Monika Žažová


365.books is a new mark, established by goodone. Goodone is a company of recycling design active on market from 2010. 365.books is notebook with calendar or sketchbook. Is handmade, 100%made in EU - Slovakia. Leather ones partially recycled. With high quality paper from protected forests. It is flat. Sewn binding. Only from natural materials. 20% of each purchase goes to environmental workshops of planting trees in cities and school yards. 365.books is a New fashion outfit - comfortable for people using bikes, travelers, architects, geologists, constructors and other wide range of  artistic professions, they need their notes, sketches and plans every day.


diary with calendar on 2016:

content:calendar: 2pages=1week,calendar for 2016+2017, tree story, plain pages for notesformat: A5/208pages/ + envelope on back + bookmark with rulercover:upholstery leather/partially recycled/ - brown or greytextile - curry,linen, petrol, camelbelt:leather belt gross with acessories - greybelt:leather belt slim with acessories - black

price: leather A5: 26eur /include VAT/

textile A5: 18eur /include VAT/
leather belt gross: 10eur /include VAT/

leather belt slim: 5eur /include VAT/
sketchbook A5:

content: 4sections, plain paperformat: A5/208pages/cover:upholstery leather/partially recycled/ - white, greybelt:leather belt gross with acessories - grey,white

price: leather A5: 26eur /include VAT/

leather belt gross: 10eur /include VAT/

sketchbook A6:content: plain paperformat: A6/176pages/cover:upholstery leather/partially recycled/ - white, grey,brown

price: leather A6: 12eur /include VAT/

sketchbook A6:

content: plain+dot paperformat: A6/176pages/cover:textile - curry,linen,petrol

price: textile A6: 10,50eur /include VAT/

shipping excluded!

for total price please contact us on: goodone.design@gmail.com


thank you for thinking of nature!