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Terms of sales

redesigned products on demand

from 6 - 12 weeks of delivery time
procedure consists of price offer,
advanced payment 50%, rest of
payment after product finalization
order includes design suited to
costumer´s requirements, consultation,
implementation of client´s requirements
to the design, manufacturing, delivery,
2 years warranty
delivery for foreign clients is purchased

retail of redesigned products

available  redesigned products are on
this website. delivery time is possible
after payment. some available products
you find in shops.those available products,
which are not in shops, are available to
deliver after payment.

do you have your own old piece of
furniture, you would like to redesign ?
please contact us:sales@goodone.sk

would you like to order a piece of
furniture for redesign from our store ?
please send us an email with your idea
of piece you need it, we will sent you
range of old pieces for redesign from
our store.