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Is your furniture made of wood ?

Yes, all our furniture is made of wood. To keep our furniture‘s longevity, we do not use wood substitutes such as chipboard.

If I want to redesign some furniture, do I need to have my own piece ?

No, you do not need your own piece of furniture. Goodone has a warehouse, the content of which will be made available to you via email upon request at: sales@goodone.sk

Do you also do beds; I did not find them on your webpage ?

Yes, you can also order a bed from us. You can order any solitaire you like. The demandingness will be assessed based on the customer’s requirements.

What is the delivery time of an ordered piece ?

The delivery time since the approval of the design ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. It can be up to 12 weeks for the more elaborate pieces.

How is the furniture protected against damage ?

All goodone products are treated by a final upper coating, varnish. We use an acrylic varnish /water based/. It is applied in several layers. The varnish producers have their products certified; therefore the risks of damage are the same as with any other furniture. We guarantee minimal damage to the upper finishing layer of varnish when the furniture is normally used.

Can you help us design our interior ?

Yes, we also design individual interiors suited to our customers’ wishes. We offer the whole service from the initial design through visualization to supervision of the construction.

Why are some of your products unavailable ?

Some of our products may be unavailable due to the pieces being sold. All our products are original. So after the piece has been sold, it is no longer available for immediate collection. In case you are interested in a perfectly identical copy, we are afraid this is not possible. Your chosen specific type of solitaire or chair or accessory can of course be manufactured, but there will be minor variations, which are always adjusted according to specific requirements of our clients. /Colour selection, interior cabinets, fittings, hinges.../

How will my piece of furniture be delivered if I am not from Slovakia ?

The transportation in Slovakia is covered by goodone. Shipping is always included in the price offer. The transport of furniture to foreign customers is also organized by goodone, following our mutual agreement with the client. Interstate transportation costs are also included in each individual price offer.

Will I get a refund, if I am not satisfied with the final product ?

If your product is damaged on delivery or if the product gets damages during the guarantee period of 4 years in other than violent way, goodone is ready to provide you with a service of repairing the product. To assess any potential damage please contact us at: sales@goodone.sk. If you do not like the delivered product, or are not satisfied with its individual details, we can not guarantee you a refund, due to the fact that each and every product, ordered by our clients is consulted with the client several times, and the final design, which precedes the order, is also personally approved by the client.

Do you also renovate ?

Yes, goodone also offers renovation of furniture. We only renovate furniture from the 20th century.

What is the warranty period on the products purchased ?

The warranty period is 24 months.

Will the art designs on some of your products not be damaged ?

Visual graphics are not printed; they are all hand-painted. The material used is acrylic with an acrylic lacquer finish. The surface coating has been certified by its supplier.

If I want a design on my selected piece, where can I choose a motif ?

The motifs of hand paintings are not available on the website, but in the process of coordinating the design with the client they are available from: sales@goodone.sk. If the client is interested in a particular design that is not included in goodone’s selection, we can develop a creative design based on the client's request.

If I want a particular colour, where can I see your colour sampler ?

If we have the possibility of personal contact with the client, which is something we always prefer, the client has the opportunity to see the colour range directly on our designs. If a personal meeting with the client is not possible, we proceed by sending the colour range through: sales@goodone.sk.

To what extent is old furniture usable ?

Old furniture does not have to be thrown away. Its usability depends on the extent of its damage. However, even damaged furniture can be repaired. To maintain the functionality of the original design you need to assess the current state of the piece. After a thorough examination it is necessary to divide its individual parts into usable and unusable parts. Usable parts are those that are not rotten and have maintained at least partially their static function and flexibility. Unusable parts are those that are fatally damaged and must be removed and new construction details must be created to replace them. If there is an old piece that is intact in more than 80% then the only failure that we can encounter are old joints, dried glue, rusty hinges ... In such cases, the stability of the piece is disturbed and the whole piece has to be completely dismantled and all its individual parts have to be pedantically put together on its assembling. What about ergonomics? The trends in ergonomics, especially as regards seating are constantly moving forward. However, the old masters also bared the seating comfort in mind, so as long as the technology of the original design is mastered well in the process of redesigning, the redesigned furniture is just as functional as when it was new.