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Our services

Architecture&Interior design

Collection and recycling of old furniture

Goodone Company can collect your old no longer needed furniture.

Interior design and architecture

We offer consulting services in the field of interior design, complete interior design with documentation, interior redesign, or incorporation of goodone products into your interior.

Redesign and renovation of furniture on demand

Our clients are invited to provide us with their own piece of furniture to redesign or they can select a piece from our warehouse.

Environmental and charity projects

„ There should always be a human behind the commercial product . It´s a struggle for humanity in a globalized world „


Our philosophy

  • Originality, uniqueness, new approach to design, architecture and a strong relationship to art and history
  • Wide range of hand-made products reach in traditional materials, craft and art details
  • Creativity, openness and fair trade cooperation on projects, supporting sustainable development

You are the person we want to cooperate with.

Our partners



Kids and theatre 2015: what shadow can do 2015

Goodone in cooperation with theatre Neskoro na večeru  will prepare simple shadow theatre construction you can have home.


Kids world is full of performance. Complete it with unique marionette theatre.


Môj dom 2011

November, online article